Parallax Effects Don’t Have To Be Annoying

Note: This is part one is a series where we will go from idea and hacky code to a generalised abstraction that we will publish as an open source library on NPM

I’m not gonna lie, parallax websites don’t have the best reputation in certain circles, and rightly so. Too often the parallax effect is achieved through some kind of hijacking of the user’s scroll position on the page. This just leads to an awful experience that makes many hate the concept. However, there are plenty of good examples of this effect all over the internet.

The key to a good parallax website is a website where the user controls the scroll entirely but the scroll position directly informs what should be on the page. In other words, what is displayed on the UI is a pure function of the scroll position. Then the experience feels good. Almost as if scrolling through the page is like scrubbing through a video timeline. The website becomes a canvas for an interactive video type of experience. …


Adrian Henry

Lead engineer by day. Indie hacker and tinkerer by night. Occasional teacher on

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